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Darter Rescue in Nightcliff - by Kym and Tim Nixon

Information of rescues is often odd. So the call that an apparently uninjured Darter had taken up residence on the pool seat in a backyard and would not leave the Nigthcliff back yard was going to be interesting. It was down tools on the dinner cooking front. A visiting friend, Craig was also roped into coming on the rescue.

At Nightcliff the occupants of the front of the house were totally oblivious to their new resident in the pool yard but happily joined our search for the Darter. The granny flat dwellers at the back showed us where the Darter had been since the previous afternoon. So with the crowd gathered and Darter being exceptionally good by sitting quietly as the end of the pool on the bench seat hoping that he was invisible, I moved in. Thinking of all the things that could go wrong in front of the crowd was all for nothing as I made the simplest of rescues by covering the head with a cloth and picked up the Darter from his perch.

All technical questions by the residents were directed at Craig the studious looking one with his grey hair and glasses while Kym and I placed the Darter in the cage. Questions of what happens to the Darter now and how often do you rescue them were fired at Craig, who reassured the crowd that trained professionals always make a hard job look easy and the Darter was now in good hands. Two things made the rescue a simple one, the well behaved young Darter and an intelligent looking friend.

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