Wildcare Inc. NT

Welcome to Wildcare Inc in Darwin

Wildcare Inc NT is a non-profit wildlife care and rescue organisation in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia, which provides a support network for carers of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

The primary objective is to rehabilitate and release these animals back into their natural habitat and to raise community awareness concerning the care and conservation of native animals.

Injured wildlife

FOR INJURED WILDLIFE CALL (between 7am-8pm):
08 89 886 121 or
0408 885 341

If you find an orphaned, sick or injured animal and you can't drop it off to a vet clinic and an experienced carer cannot collect it straight away, you can follow these guidelines for short periods.

More information and factsheets about wildlife in the Northern Territory. If you find an animal please help us and fill out this form: Wildlife rescue form.

Emergency First Aid

Knowing what to do can make all the difference. It is important to keep the injured animal in a warm, dark, quiet place away from pets. Most animals can be safely picked up by first throwing a large towel over them. Wildcare NT is supported by several vet clinics in and around Darwin. If you find an injured animal please drop it off during business hours at:

- All Pets Vet Hospital
- Parap Veterinary Hospital
- University Avenue Veterinary Hospital
- Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic
- Paul Arnold Bush Photos
- Litchfield Vets
- Darwin Mobile Vets
- The Ark Animal Hospital
or ring Wildcare NT 89 886 121 between 7am-8pm if you are unable to drop it off.
More information

Support Wildcare Inc

There are many ways to support Wildcare Inc and support our native animals.

Help possums and wallabies
If by the time you find me I have already died. Please don't just turn and walk away. Spend a moment by my side.
If I am a female I may be carrying some young. So please check inside my pouch for a daughter or a son. Even if it' been a while and there's no hope for me please check inside my pouch to see what you might see. My joeys can survive a while even when I'm gone. So please check inside my pouch before you move along.
And if by chance you should find a joey snuggled there please keep it warm and get some help from someone trained to care. Just call Wildcare NT (08 89 886 121 or 0408 885 341). They'll soon be on their way and help my little joey to live another day.